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The use of a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel to plump or lift an area.  Most commonly used in cheeks, lips, tear troughs, temples, chin, jaw and nasolabial folds.   HA is a natural substance already found in the body and by re-injecting this into the desired area you will see  lifting and plumping of the tissue.  Longevity depends on area and person. For instance, a cheek filler lasts much longer as it's a thicker molecule placed deep to lift, whereas lips need a softer product to get natural results and therefore a smaller molecule gel is used but doesn't last as long.  


1ml standard lip filler $389

1ml thick lip filler: $500

1ml thickest filler (cheeks/chin/jaw): $600

2ml filler: $890

3ml filler: $1290

4ml filler: $1680

5ml filler: $2100

6ml filler $2500