Model's Lower Face

Mono threads are made from a material called Polydioxanone (an absorbable suture material) and inserted into the skin to induce collagen synthesis for skin tightening and lifting. Great for all areas and will not replace filler and anti-wrinkle but compliment these treatments. The body will fully absorb the material over a matter of weeks but the tightening and lifting effects can be seen for 6-12 months because of the extra collagen production.


20 threads: $400 (eg. brow lift tails or tear troughs)

30 threads: $500 (eg. brow and eye lift)

40 threads $650 (eg. midface or marionettes or nasolabial)

50 threads $800 (eg. midface/jaw or double chin)

60 threads $900 (eg. midface/jaw/nasolabial folds or full neck lift)

80 threads $1000 (multiple areas of full face)

Deeper lifting areas:

This is using a thread with more PDO and therefore more lift. Areas inc deep nasolabials, deep marionettes, sculpted cheek bone, jaw. These are usually used in combination with the above but will be personalised to each face.


10 threads: $300

20 threads: $400

30 threads $450